Client Story

IF Insurance


IF Insurance, one of the largest insurance companies in Europe has a clear ambition: To become the healthiest insurance company, make work a source of energy, and develop the highest potential of each employee.


Since 2008 IF Insurance has rolled out Corporate Based Mindfulness Training programs for employees in all divisions of the organization. Multiple 4-month Mindful Leadership programs have been conducted.

Researchers from Singapore Management University have done studies and found significant improvements in:

  • Focus
  • Awareness
  • Job satisfaction
  • Organizational loyalty

Performance Stats

  • 88%
    Ability to Stay Focused on Task
  • 76%
    Cooperation and Positive Team Relationships
  • 65%
    Efficiency and Productivity
  • 59%
    Better Relations with Family and Friends

What They Said:

“I can’t think of any leadership training we have done that has had so much impact in so short a time”
Jesper Askjær, Head of IF Academy

“I joined the program expecting that I would become more focused and productive. That has happened and I am grateful. However, I realized another much bigger change: my employees and I are becoming better human beings.”
Thomas Berg, former Sales Executive