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  • Dr. Martina Esberger-Chowdhury

    Martina Esberger-Chowdhury is a Mindfulness trainer and coach with a focus on organizational development. She is a Pharmacist and Marketing Professional with a longstanding leadership experience in the pharmaceutical corporate world both in Europe and in India. Martina has many years of meditation and mindfulness practice. Bringing Mindfulness into organisations and to individuals is her passion.

  • Benno Wiesenberger, M.Sc.

    Benno is an experienced international Sales and Marketing Manager and worked as IT Trainer for IBM Austria, United Nations Vienna, Siemens Germany and many more. Currently also working at Technical University Graz, Benno is very enthusiastic about teaching Mindfulness as well as deepening his own practice. He is passionate about embedding mindfulness practices into the busy daily corporate life in order to achieve a more effective as well as happier worklife.

  • Klaus Kirchmayr, M.Sc.

    Klaus holds an M. Sc. in Business Administration. 14 years in business brought him into management in a global leading discount supermarket chain. 10 years in banking gave him a deep knowledge in CRM, product development and training. In between he got the opportunity to support an international IT Start-up in business development, communication and consulting. Klaus is a passionate mindfulness practitioner for many years, certified MBSR-teacher/-trainer and convinced that mindfulness is a powerful means to improve focused minds leading to joy and well-being.

  • Martin Buechele, M.Sc., CEMS Master

    Martin is an international mindfulness teacher as well as a facilitator, trainer and coach in the fields of organisational learning, participatory leadership and facilitating profound innovation and change.

    A dedicated practitioner for many years and passionate about bringing mindfulness to the work environment, he pioneered the introduction of mindfulness learning programmes in both the European and Austrian public administration. He also teaches in private corporations.

  • Wolfgang Ricke, Diplom Kaufmann

    Wolfgang comes from a Business Administration background and has worked in management positions of multinational companies in South Africa, Germany and Denmark for more than two decades. He joined The Potential Project in 2009 and enjoys the excitement of growing an international Mindfulness Training company.