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  • Martial Vidaud

    Martial is an expert on mindfulness training and coaching. He explores 3 human-being dimensions : body, emotions and mind. He is passionate about integrating awareness, presence and mindful attitudes appropriately in business. He has been holding several leadership positions in different companies (Danone, Deloitte and Technip) in France and abroad for 15 years.

  • Erick Rinner, MBA

    Erick shares his time between Potential Project in Europe, while still chairing Milestone Investisseurs, his private equity firm. He has been in corporate finance for 26 years including 18 years in private equity. Erick's core skills include initiating change at board level, negotiation, advising management teams on value creation and leadership. He sits on the board of companies in London, Luxembourg and Switzerland. Erick trains leaders and executives in global companies for corporate mindfulness techniques. Erick has had a daily mindfulness practice for 10 years and is regularly on retreat. He received his MBA from Columbia Business School (Award for Excellence). Erick donates his corporate mindfulness training fees to and

  • Guy Durand

    Guy holds a degree in psychology as well as in aeronautical engineering. He has been both a long-haul pilot as well as instructor and chief pilot for Air France for many years. At the same time he has practiced mindfulness for decades and is an experienced instructor in this field. Besides training TPP's CBMT he is using his combined experiences to train people on how to lose their fear of flying.

  • Francois Besson, MBA

    Francois is a seasoned sales and general manager who has developed a consulting practice in the field of strategy and sales development. Having led teams in high-stakes, high-pressured environments across the world, he has forged a conviction that top performance comes from liberating the potential of individuals. He has since been helping organizations create the conditions for their people to thrive and achieve amazing results, integrating mindfulness at the very heart of this practice. Francois is a graduate of the UCLA Anderson MBA program.

  • Philippe Gaillard, MA

    Philippe has been practicing mindfulness for more than 20 years. He graduated with honors in foreign languages from Paris VIII University and has spent most of his career as a translator and reviser in multinational companies and intergovernmental organizations in France, Belgium and the UK, including the last 14 years as Head of French Translation at the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) in London. He is passionate about mindfulness and its benefits and keen to help share them with the corporate world. Philippe now divides his time between London and his native Brittany, and travels internationally to cover mindfulness events for various French publications.

  • Gaëlle Tuffigo, MSc

    Gaëlle is an experienced L&D consultant, facilitator, coach, speaker and accredited mindfulness teacher.

    Her style is dynamic, offering a balance of positive challenge and support through self-reflection, intelligent questioning and practical exercises.

    Gaëlle’sbackground is in business. She received an MSc in International Business from the University of Paris-Sorbonne.For the last 15 years she has worked as a strategy consultant, held leadership positions in the brand & communication insight industry, and in the last few years as a Leadership development expert, providing solutions and coaching to people at all levels. Gaëlle has been practicing mindfulness daily for a decade and to date has attended nearly 40 retreats. Over the last few years, she has taught mindfulness to nearly 400 people through leading retreats, courses, workshops and classes.

  • Jean Louis Ennesser

    Jean-Louis spent most of his career as manager in industry and private equity. For the last 5 years, he has coached and trained various executives and business leaders in techniques to enhance energy, business development and attention. Acknowledged results are: increased success in corporate, team and personal life as well as avoidance of collateral damages like stress and burnout in accordance with mindful practices and wisdom. In an overwhelmingly competitive and information driven world where social relations can become tensed, he teaches organisational excellence together with thoughtfulness, joy and wisdom. He has been practicing mindfulness since 1989 and holds a master of manufacturing engineer ICAM 78 and an MBA of INSEAD 83J.

  • Sandrine Gouallier

    Sandrine spent 20 years in international corporate businesses leading change management initiatives, process redesign & business transformation as well global accounts service management. tIn parallel to her career, she has undertaken training in Mindfulness and MBSR (Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction) in order to become a mindfulness teacher. She is also preparing a master in Mindfulness at Bangor University (North Wales). She is now dedicating her time to deliver mindfulness programs to general public and businesses. She is passionate about sharing her experience and knowledge to contribute to a better world and workplace. She has been practicing yoga and meditation daily since 2007 and regularly goes on silent meditation retreats in order to deepen her practice.

  • Fabrice Mézières

    Fabrice is an engineer, management consultant and certified coach, with a particular focus on self-awareness and personal efficiency. Having coached teams on continuous improvement programs in high-pressure environments of the banking industry, he has forged a strong conviction that performance comes from unlocking the potential of “heart, body and mind”. As a marathon runner, he shares his practice of mindfulness with self-discipline, patience and enthusiasm.