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  • Wolfgang Ricke, Diplom Kaufmann

    Wolfgang comes from a Business Administration background and has worked in management positions of multinational companies in South Africa, Germany and Denmark for more than two decades. He joined The Potential Project in 2009 and enjoys the excitement of growing an international Mindfulness Training company.

  • Wolfgang Schröder

    Wolfgang has lived and worked both in UK and Germany. He worked in a cooperative in UK where working and interacting mindfully played a key role in the business. He is looking back on twenty five years of experience in training in mindfulness-based approaches in Hatha Yoga and in MBSR/MBCT settings. Wolfgang trains in English and German.

  • Silke Steininger, PhD

    Silke has a background in basic and applied research in cognitive psychology and speech processing and as a project manger for large research programs. After experiencing the beneficial effects of mindfulness in her own life she started working as a trainer and coach for mindfulness in 2006. She conducts personal sessions and workshops for individuals and for organizations. Her passion is using mindfulness for finding practical solutions to everyday life challenges and for experiencing more joy, both in one's business and in one's private life.

  • Anja Siepmann

    Anja was a production manager and a producer in the international film business. After managing creative and venturous projects for more than 20 years, she is now helping others to develop their creative and economic potential. Anja runs her own practice for personal coaching, mindfulness training and psychotherapy and has been practicing mindfulness since 2003.

  • Ilka Klapprot

    Holding a masters degree in sinology with one year scholarships at Oxford and in Taiwan, Ilka has an extensive background in the areas of publishing and translating. To the Potential Project she brings an established mindfulness practice since 2001. She is passionate about the potential of mindfulness in the corporate world and since 2010 has facilitated mindfulness trainings with great expertise and true understanding of the needs of people leading busy lives.

  • Iris Uderstädt, MA

    Iris has supported more than 3000 individuals and about 700 groups in balancing their physical and mental health. Starting out with a diploma (MA) in Sports Science her further skillful means encompass The Feldenkrais Method, Sharing Movement, Somatic Experiencing (Trauma- and Stress-Release), Somatic Coaching and Mindfulness Practices. Iris has brought Mindfulness to the corporate world since 2012. Her journey to mindfulness - based practices began 20 years ago, including a 2-year long stay at Zen Center Johanneshof, Germany. Since then she is continuously developing her practice.

  • Siegmar Mönch

    Siegmar has over 20 years experience as a leader. He has worked mainly for tourism & leisure and insurance companies. Since 3 years he is a dedicated mindfulness- and Yoga-teacher. He joined the Potential Project team to deliver the benefits of mindfulness to the corporate world.

  • Sandra Heuschmann

    Sandra is working as a body psychotherapist and Mindfulness Trainer at Oberbergkliniken GmbH. After practicing Mindfulness herself for more than 20 years, she has implemented her experiences in her work as burnout and stress prevention coach. She enjoys very much supporting other people in their personal development.