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  • Egbert Mulder M.Sc.

    Egbert has held a wide range of leadership and consulting roles for over 30 years. He has been a mindfulness practitioner for over 20 years and is author and speaker on mindfulness and leadership. His passion is to help leaders and teams to build purposeful organizations in which people are creative, engaged and enjoy their work. By enabling leaders to unlock their full potential they can contribute to a more sustainable and peaceful world.

  • Sandra van Nispen, M.A.

    Sandra has been working as a business consultant, coach and Mind Training instructor for the last 25 years. Based on her detailed knowledge about the many challenges in a stressful corporate working environment she is keen to bring the benefits of Mindfulness such as more sanity and wellbeing as well as calmness and focus into the corporate world – improving productivity at the same time.

  • Petra Keuchenius, LL.M

    Petra holds an LL.M degree and has been working in business environments for 25 years, in several leadership positions, most recently as HR director of a large publishing company. She has been a yoga, meditation and mindfulness practitioner since 1999 and a teacher for 7 years. Her passion is to contribute to the development of intrinsically motivated and authentic individuals and organizations. She combines her business and mindfulness backgrounds as a trainer, executive coach and business consultant, to fulfill the potential of people.

  • Alix Royer, M.Sc.

    Alix has worked as an independent coach and trainer of personal and leadership development for more than 20 years, serving teams and individuals in many industries and countries. Prior to this, she worked for strategy consulting firm McKinsey & Company and obtained an M.Sc. of psychology. Alix has been practicing mindfulness since 1996 and often shares it with her clients. Alix speaks fluent Dutch, English, French and German and can train in all these languages.

  • Sjors Janssen, MBA, LL.B

    Sjors has held a wide range of leadership and consulting roles working for international corporations for over 30 years. He lived and worked across Europe, The Caribbean and Asia where his journey to mindfulness-based practices began in the 90s. He received MBA’s from IMD, Lausanne and RSM, Rotterdam and holds a LL.B. from the university of Leiden. He has been a practitioner of Vipassana for over 10 years. He is also a certified executive coach, ThinkAdvisor and Mindfulness Based Stress reduction (MBSR) teacher.

  • Nienke Plompen M.Sc.

    Nienke is a senior trainer, coach and facilitator. She works with organisations, for-profit and governmental, on topics of personal leadership, innovation and mindful culture change. With more than a decade of experience, she believes in people and is inspired by small: sparkling eyes, bright questions and the attention to detail that brings about great quality results.

  • Cornelie Bol LL.M.

    Cornelie worked as a lawyer for 10 years. Since 2007 she is a mediator, executive coach and trainer. In the professional training program from the Dutch Bar Association she was responsible for both the skills- and ethics program. Cornelie has been practicing yoga and meditation for many years and she is a certified MBSR-trainer. She loves working with business professionals.

  • Leonard de Mol van Otterloo

    Leonard de Mol van Otterloo is a senior corporate mindfulness trainer and consultant at Potential Project and coach based in Amsterdam. He is passionate about integrating awareness, presence and mind training in business and organisations. He specializes in increasing human potential, resilience, well-being and creativity. By exploring and enlarging the inner space, resilience, flexibility, creativity and balance are created, which leads to greater well-being and autonomy. Leonard trained employees in wide array of organisations from corporates to the Dutch Ministry of Justice and The European Patent Office to name a few. In addition, he coaches professionals who want to get more out of life.