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New Zealand

  • Robyne Blood, M.Sc.

    Robyne has extensive expertise in facilitating change at multiple levels: organisational, team and individual. Robyne utilises evidenced-based, positive psychology frameworks and often employs whole system dialogue interventions to rapidly accelerate change through broad engagement. Robyne incorporates principles and practices from complexity theory in her approach to resolving complex organisational change issues and has worked with many top Australian companies including McKinsey and Company. Robyne has incorporated mindfulness in her approach for many years.

  • Phil Jones

    Phil has been designing and delivering training and coaching initiatives throughout New Zealand for the past 24 years. Phil is delighted to be offering this high quality mindfulness training to organisations in NZ. The streamlined and highly customisable material is a key step in helping organisations enhance performance, creativity and wellbeing.

  • Vicki Neale

    Vicki has held career leadership roles in the airline industry, financial organisations, construction industry and diplomatic services.
    She has designed and lead personal and professional development programs for the last 20 years across a broad spectrum of commercial and corporate sectors. Her passion is enhancing organisational excellence and employee well being. Incorporating CBMT programs into her portfolio of services allows her clients to achieve more focused attention, clarity, creativity and resilience in today's information overloaded business environments.