Insights & Research

Quantifying the Mind,
Telling a Story

In the Potential Project Laboratory, our team of scientists are continually innovating and developing new measurement tools that get packaged alongside our core programs and offerings. We measure minds at every level, from the inner experiences of a single employee, to the combined mental effectiveness of a team, to the large-scale cultural changes in an organization. Our assessments, program evaluations and digital diagnostics provide a window into the mind. Fueled by data from multiple sources, we take the numbers and tell a story. Here are some of the tools that we offer to clients:

  • Mindset Change Evaluation
  • Leadership Change Evaluation
  • Linguistic Emotion Evaluation
  • Mindfulness Assessment
  • Team Mindfulness Assessment
  • Compassionate Leadership Assessment
  • 360 Style Leadership Assessment
  • Mindgrow, a digital diagnostic of the mind