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I en krävande konsultkultur som alltid är på språng är förmågan att bibehålla  uppmärksamheten hårt prövad. För att konsulter och personal ska lyckas är det absolut nödvändigt att uppmärksamma detaljer i projektet, hos kunden och i den faktiska uppgiften.


Through the roll-out of an international mindfulness training program, the leadership sought to improve sustainable performance for partners and consultants. The program was specifically customized to their fast-paced minds and the work realities they faced every day. Managing priorities, emails and overall mental effectiveness were some of the chosen topics.

Uppmätta effekter

  • 30%
    Presence & Focus on Task
  • 25%
    Unproductive multi-tasking Habits
  • 17%
    Distractedness at Work
  • 19%
    Mental Tiredness
    Recommend the program to their colleagues

Kommentarer från kunden:

“Mindfulness, at first appeared to be a soft skill training. But in my experience of it, it is not soft at all. It is hard work and requires discipline and determination. I personally struggled at first, but when I suddenly found my overall work focus and mental clarity improving, I got seriously committed. I believe this training on a large scale benefits not only our bottom line, but also our well-being and happiness.”
Partner and Managing Director

“The mindfulness training helped me realize how I constantly get distracted during the work day and how these distractions affect me, my effectiveness and personal well-being. The theoretical explanations were supported by daily practice and these have stayed with me in my daily routines, helping me to focus. I am more in charge of my time and more clear about how I spend it.”
Senior Consultant