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Discover what makes you feel meaningful in the world and in your organization. Connect to a deeper awareness of the habits and behaviors that no longer serve you. With open space, you will relax into a deeper discovery of the more human leader within you.


As the Great Attrition marches on, leaders are lining up to leave too.

1 in 3 executives is struggling with fatigue, stress and overwhelm.
Leaders' intent to stay
has dropped dramatically,
↓18 points for women,
↓9 points for men.
81% of C-suite respondents say improving well being is more important than advancing their career.
69% of C-suite respondents are seriously considering quitting for a job that better supports well-being

Introducing Immersive

Retreats are a tradition as old as time. And, they are urgently needed now to help leaders find the renewal, inspiration and meaning they seek.

As the foremost expert in inner leadership, Potential Project designs the immersives based on ground-breaking leadership research, including assessments of more than 35,000 leaders, work with over 500 organizations, and interviews with 250 C-level executives.


On retreat, leaders immerse in a completely new setting, away from the usual office or home environment.

Potential Project immersives are held in nature, surrounded by beauty and quiet. A unique combination of skillful silence, provocative experiences, and guided reflection connects you to a deeper sense of yourself.

Old habits and routines are disrupted, default behaviors are replaced with conscious reflection, and awareness is turned back on. Ideas and answers start to flood in.

Device Free

When leaders relinquish their smartphones and laptops at the start of a retreat, they are letting go of the main source and enabler of distraction in their minds.

With this open awareness, leaders can tackle big questions like “what should I be doing with my life?” This often feels both unsettling and liberating. What they notice soon is their ability to be present and focused for longer periods of time.

With a focused mind, leaders can sink into deep work and reflection. Ideas and insights have room to take root and sprout. Leaders begin to see everything in a clearer light.

From this place of clarity, leaders can reacquaint themselves with what’s in their hearts; with who they are and where they want to go.


Leaders have the opportunity to dial down the to-do’s and back-to-back meetings, and to experience freedom from busyness.

Read The Report

Our latest edition of The Human Leader suggests that leaders are burned out and ready to quit. But we believe Immersive Retreats are the solution.

Click below to read the full report, which explores the sweeping impacts of retreat time on leaders — both in the office, and in everyday life.

Learn more about Potential Project's research and how your organization can leverage it to create a more human world of work.

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Selected Clients

We have worked with a wide variety of great clients. Here are a few selected organisations that we have helped becoming even greater through mindfull thinking

Here are a few selected organisations that we have helped becoming even greater through mindfull thinking.