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It's Time to Let Go of What Used to Be

We help clients head to new destinations, harnessing the collective focus and commitment of the whole organization, from the most senior team to the latest class of new hires. Complex journeys of change demand a different approach – one that starts inside.

Work: Reimagined

2020 is a year whose events will reverberate for years, possibly decades, to come. Leaders saw once-clear corporate priorities upended virtually overnight and replaced with new strategies to survive the upheaval and thrive in a post-COVID world. Digital transformations are now accelerating as work moves out of offices and into homes. Social justice commitments have shifted to the CEO’s office as leaders step into a more visible role addressing the deepening challenges. And, a focus on employee health, well-being and resiliency is emerging as the most human and deeply fundamental shift in priorities.

Implementing a complex set of transformational strategies, especially in a fast and high-profile way, is not for the faint of heart. Three out of four large business transformations are doomed to fail.

The most forward-thinking companies are taking a different approach, and Potential Project is proud to be working alongside them. This approach puts the human journey of change right alongside the journey of strategic and organizational change. At its core is the understanding that individuals make change happen, not project plans or programs.

If you are ready to transform your business – or to jumpstart a failed transformation – it’s time to start from the inside out, not the outside in.

Our services

Our Work: Reimagined services help clients to:


– the right mindsets for change across the organization;

Imagine and create

– new ways of working that let go of the “before” and define a whole new “after”;


– on the journey ahead, even if the path is blurry, rather than hoping for life to return to the familiar;


– the collective energy and commitment of the whole organization to move faster towards a better, more exciting tomorrow.

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