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Leading for Human Performance

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Lead with Humanity for Exceptional Performance

With the backdrop of a prolonged pandemic, global turmoil and new hybrid working models, the role of leaders is being upended. Employees are looking for leaders who can make tough decisions and drive results, but at the same time create an environment which provides flexibility, connection, and a sense of belonging. Leaders are feeling overloaded by these rising expectations and the pressure to provide stability and answers in the face of unrelenting uncertainty. It can be hard to find enjoyment and a meaningful connection with work these days.

Are you ready to elevate your leadership for a new world of work? Potential Project’s program will equip you and your teams with practical strategies and tools to lead for human performance. 

Leading for Human Performance Program

The program journey includes four 60-minute sessions. Each explores a key pillar of human leadership and the natural tensions that arrive when putting it into practice. You will explore your individual leadership habits and the leadership norms alive in the organization. Through case studies and guided practices, you will gain practical strategies to use straight away.

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Along the way, participants are guided and supported in their development.

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Leading for Human Performance can also be delivered as a single-session, 90-minute Workshop for up to 200 participants.

Benefits of the Program

No program can do everything, but we confidently promise that you will feel:

  • A sense of renewal and fresh commitment to your work;
  • Optimism and energy about moving forward;
  • Deeper connection to the kind of leader you want to be and confidence on how to get there;
  • Movement from just coping to thriving and growing as a leader.

We invite you on a journey that has been hugely beneficial to participants before you.

Net Promoter Score
Rating for Facilication
“Great course and at a critical time, as we look to our performance and ourselves to ensure we do the best for our teams.”

— Managing Director, Salesforce
“I took something from every call and was able to action and implement it with results.”

— Managing Director, Cloud First
"Everything was absolutely well thought out, well planned, delivered extremely well, with a lot of experience, energy and passion!"

— Managing Director, Gallia

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Leading for Human Performance can be delivered in any time zone by a diverse group of experienced Potential Project facilitators from all over the world. 

Contact Joy LaBlanc to schedule your program today.