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When We Thrive
at Work, the Possibilities Are Endless

Potential Project's Mindset Solutions have helped over 350,000 employees in more than 500 global companies to unlock greater performance, resilience and creativity.

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Mindsets Matter

The average person will spend nearly 90,000 hours at work over their lifetime, or close to 10 years. When those hours are filled with anxiety, stress and distractions, business suffers.

We have assessed close to 4.5 million moments of organizational and workplace life. Our research shows that when those moments are positive, happy and rejuvenating, employees and companies benefit. When people bring their best, full selves to work, absenteeism drops along with fatigue and stress. Distractibility is replaced with more focus and productivity – almost 2 more productive hours of work each week per employee.

At Potential Project, we help individuals and teams to build the right mindsets for success. In the midst of busyness, changing priorities and distractions, we help them to access more happiness and productivity at work.

Potential Project is helping Accenture to drive “productivity of the self” by sharpening our focus and enhancing our personal productivity leading to significantly improved performance, happier staff and clients.
Matthew Narsi
Managing Director

In an always-on, multi-tasking professional services environment, attention is pulled in many directions simultaneously. The ability to place attention on the client, on the big picture, and on the details is critical to the success of consultants and teams, but it can also take a toll mentally.

Building New Mindsets

Potential Project’s Mindset Solutions help organizations to boost and accelerate great performance even while businesses face a time of enormous change and unanticipated disruptions.

With a Performance Mindset, participants will cultivate calm, clear and focused minds to perform at their best.
Focus & Concentration
Clear Goals & Priorities
Efficiency & Productivity
With a Resilience Mindset, participants learn to manage challenging moments, bounce back from setbacks, and develop a more balanced and fulfilling approach to work.
Well-being & Job Satisfaction
Resilience & Work-life Balance
Stress Reduction & Retention
With an Innovation Mindset, participants learn to access the constant creative potential of their minds, even in time-constrained situations, and to renew their energy on an ongoing basis.
Focused Individuals
Creative Teams
Innovative Cultures

Our Offerings

In collaboration with our clients, we design and deliver a change program that achieves real and sustainable impacts.

Program offerings can include: 


45-minute sessions to jumpstart and sustain the journey of change.


Micro-learning sessions to train and develop healthy mental habits. 

Multi-Session Journeys

Deeper learning opportunities across multiple weeks delivered live or on-demand. Each session is rooted in the science of the mind and includes practical strategies for changing mindsets in our daily work lives.

Mental Gyms

‍Short, drop-in mind training sessions because the mind is a muscle that needs to be exercised

Representative Clients

Our clients inspire us every day. They are forward-thinking, purpose-driven organizations who are taking care of their people and building capabilities for a new future. We are proud to work with some of the leading organizations around the globe.

Client Remarks

This is a valuable offering and demonstrably improved both my job performance and the job performance of my direct reports as a result of the skills I learned. They are more productive and I am able to be more strategic and effective too.
Each day that I practice mindfulness, my ability to respond to life's stimuli in a positive healthy way improves.
This program absolutely boosts work performance in that it provides and reinforces the ability to be relaxed and focused on those initiatives that are most important and to let go of negativity and distractions.

Ready to Build New Mindsets?

We are available in 28 countries around the world. Send us a few words here, and our specialists will get back in touch. Together we will find the right solution for you and your team.

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