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Transforming Minds, Transforming Organizations

We help clients to succeed at major business transformations by transforming the mindsets and behaviors of employees and leaders. Complex journeys of change and transformation demand a different approach – one that starts inside.

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Achieving Transformation Success

It’s a frustrating reality that many business transformations often fail to achieve lift-off. Despite smart strategies and finely honed plans, the value generated falls short of expectations and organizational performance shows no measurable or sustained improvement.  

More often than not, the lack of progress can be traced back to people – employees who resist the transformation or executives who don’t know how to lead it. Despite this, many companies still trod a path that will never get them to their desired destination.

The most forward-thinking companies are taking a different approach, and Potential Project is proud to be working alongside them. This approach puts the human journey of change right alongside the journey of strategic and organizational change. At its core is the understanding that individuals make transformations happen, not project plans or programs.

If you are ready to transform your business – or to jumpstart a failed transformation – it’s time to start from the inside out, not the outside in.

Managing the Mind Through Uncertainty

Humans are wired to hate change. It makes us feel uncomfortable at best and at worst threatened or afraid. It’s not surprising then that change and transformation programs often fail to achieve lift-off.

Inspired by the Kübler-Ross Change Curve and informed by our years working with global clients, we have defined the two possible paths through a major change in the business context (like a strategic transformation, merger, or massive reorganization): The Unmanaged Path and The Mind Managed Path.

The Unmanaged Path is the default path we can all wander when change –and specifically how our minds react to change – is ignored and unmanaged. It’s the path that drains one’s mental energy, lowers performance and engagement, and torpedoes any hope that changes will be long-lasting. 

The Managed Path is the alternative. This is the way forward through change when we replace default reactions with new mindsets. It’s the path that allows us to face change with increasing energy and engagement and to forge ahead in a positive direction.

Each step of transformation triggers a mental barrier that must be countered with a transformation mindset.

The Neurology of Transformation

Neurology – or how our brains operate – explains a lot about why we dislike change. But when we recognize where resistance to transformations comes from and why, we can do something about it.

Do you know what the biggest stumbling block to a successful business transformation is? The mind.

Transformations typically require us to consciously change how we work and behave. But, our default mode of operating is unconscious. In fact, of the thousands of decisions we make every day, over 90% are made unconsciously.

Over eons, our brains have mastered the smart outlay of energy. We rely on mental shortcuts and habits to get things done efficiently. We operate in autopilot mode to dedicate as little conscious thought as possible during our days. Over time, it becomes difficult to break out of well-worn patterns of behavior.

Explore how your brain may resist transformation below.

Learn what can be done to replace habitual patterns and automatic behaviors with new ways of thinking and courses of action.

Mind-Centered Transformations

When we recognize where resistance to transformations comes from and why, we can do something about it. When we replace default reactions with new mindsets, we can transform the experience of change into something positive, even rewarding. We can jumpstart transformations that have stalled or gone off track.

Read more about the mindsets that transform resistance to acceptance, that transform fear and failure to acceptance and real results. Download your Free Guide with insightful tips for our six mindsets:

  • Beginner's Mind
  • Purpose
  • Courage
  • Mental Agility
  • Optimism
  • Presilience

Defying the Odds

Watch the video replay of Leadership Reimagined: Defying the Odds with C&A

Key takeaways from our recent event, Leadership Reimagined: Defying the Odds with Giny Boer, C&A CEO, Moses Mohan, Potential Project Partner and Nick Hobson, Director of Behavioral and Data Sciences at Potential Project.

A business transformation like the one that C&A is delivering is extremely hard to get right. Standard practice is failure, success is an outlier. Transformations succeed when leaders understand how the mind reacts to big changes and work to address that rather than ignore it. Mindsets such as curiosity (beginner's mind), courage and optimism are critical.

Giny and Moses agreed that transformation is created in community. A leader’s priority is to be curious, listen and to guide, not to hand down directives. In this way, teams become co-creators of the transformation initiative, and when roadblocks happen, everyone can look to each other for support and solutions.

We can help you with your Transformation journey.

An Inspiring Keynote

Achieving Transformation Success

In this keynote, we create an interactive environment in which leaders can engage in self-reflection on their instinctive ways of leading. We focus on the natural, neurological resistance of human minds and how to manage the inherent dichotomies of transformations with a both/and mindset.

  • For: 20-30 Executives
  • Duration: 1-2 hours

An Experiential Program for Leaders

Transformation Mindset Champion Program

Transformations require tailored solutions based on an understanding of your challenges and needs. We understand that transforming organizations find themselves in very different situations and successful transformations need both – the ‘hard’ and the ‘human’ side.

Our experts and experienced facilitators guide teams through interactive discussions and exercises to build a transformational leadership community of practice to scale both/and transformation mindsets across the organization.

  • For: Intact or cross-functional teams
  • Duration: From 1 to 4 sessions, 60-minutes each
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Our services

Our Work: Reimagined services help clients to:

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– the right mindsets for change across the organization;

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Imagine and create

– new ways of working that let go of the “before” and define a whole new “after”;

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– on the journey ahead, even if the path is blurry, rather than hoping for life to return to the familiar;

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– the collective energy and commitment of the whole organization to move faster towards a better, more exciting tomorrow.

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