A more human world of work is not only possible,
it’s the future.

The working world needs more humanity, kindness and opportunity for real people to do their best work.  All of this potential is already there. We help clients to see it and unlock it.

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The New
World of Work

At Potential Project, we are on a mission to make work feel more human. In this new world of work, people are focused, calm and resilient, even happy at work.  There is time for connection and compassion for one another, even on the busiest days. This new world begins inside, in the mind.  

Potential Project is a global research and leadership development firm that partners with organizations to uncover the power of the mind – how it is wired and how to rewire it for new behaviors and different outcomes.

With companies around the world and across industries, Potential Project helps individuals, leaders and teams unlock powerful and positive changes. We do this by helping them to turn inside and realize that all they are seeking and all that they need is already there inside. The potential for change, the potential for happiness, the potential for great leadership…it’s all there waiting.

It’s time for a change – change that lasts because it starts inside. Let’s get going.  

Client Spotlight
Esteban Santos
Executive Vice President, Operations

We all know that we need to deliver results, but we’re learning that there is a way to balance individual needs with performance and handling the balance in a humane way.

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We are where you are.
Whether you are in North America, Australia, Asia or Europe, we have skilled facilitators with years of experience in
organizational and leadership development, change management and consulting.

The Leadership Crisis
2:39 min
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Our Clients

We work with organizations and leaders who are looking for new ways to work, lead and make an impact, who know that the complex world in which we live demands different ways of thinking, acting, and being with each other.