People were struggling with how to manage the day-to-day from a work perspective and then to be their best selves in everything else that they did. We knew that if we were not careful, we were going to find our lives run by transactions and activities. So, there was this need to really center and focus. And I look at all of those elements now, and I can't think of a time when we've needed that type of foundation more.
Francine Katsoudas
Chief People Officer

In 2020, Cisco was named The World's Best Workplace for the second year running – a well-deserved recognition of the people-centered priorities which Cisco has embraced for years. 

In 2017, Potential Project and Cisco collaborated to build Cisco Mind Set, an innovative program that helps Cisco employees build resilience, better manage the day-to-day, and be their best selves at work and home. Since then, the program has helped Cisco’s global workforce in 42 countries to understand how their minds are wired and how to train their minds so that desired behaviors and outcomes have the space to emerge. Thousands have seen improvements in work/life balance and the ability to be present and focus. Cisco’s commitment to its people and improving their experiences at work makes it clear that the best workplace is the human one.