Take a Listen

Why not take a few minutes and listen to one of our guided audio practices? Let yourself be guided by a Potential Project expert as you build your awareness, focus on self-kindness, or prepare to have a difficult conversation.

Having Hard Conversations in a Human Way

The most difficult conversation leaders face is when they know their words or actions will hurt another person in some way. The pain can be financial, social, or emotional, and in some cases all three. The most obvious example is having to let someone go.

It takes skill and experience to embrace those hard, emotionally charged situations. While the journey may not be easy, it is possible to train our minds and become more candid, courageous and compassionate.

Use this guided audio exercise to become more aware of how you lead challenging conversations and what you can do to improve.

basic awareness audio practice thumbnail

Practice cultivating a sense of awareness with Rasmus Hougaard. Learn more in this recent article about how awareness is key to seeing new possibilities.

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Practice relaxing into focus with Zerlina Sim. Do you struggle with focus? Here are some simple strategies to help strengthen your focus muscle.

self-kindness audio practice thumbnail

Practice kindness towards yourself with Hilary Jones. See our blog post on self-kindness for more on this topic.

experiencing clarity, enhancing calm and focus audio practice thumbnail

Practice experiencing clarity, calm and focus with Shannon Jordan. Clarity, calm and focus all contribute to better mental agility, something all leaders should strive for.