Potential Project is helping Accenture to drive “productivity of the self” by sharpening our focus and enhancing our personal productivity leading to significantly improved performance, happier staff and clients.
Matthew Narsi
Managing Director

In an always-on, multi-tasking professional services environment, attention is pulled in many directions simultaneously. The ability to place attention on the client, on the big picture, and on the details is critical to the success of consultants and teams, but it can also take a toll mentally.

Accenture, the world’s largest consulting firm, partnered with Potential Project to address growing concerns of increased stress and burnout and the challenge of maintaining well-being within a high achieving workforce.

After a short pilot program in Europe proved highly successful, Accenture enlisted Potential Project to design and deliver the world’s first global mindfulness program. For the past five years, Potential Project and Accenture have delivered leadership and team development programs to over 40,000 people. Through virtual and on-demand programs in more than 20 countries, the programs have built focused, resilient and balanced mindsets at Accenture:

  • Ability to focus and prioritize improved by 23%  
  • Multi-tasking management improved by 15%
  • Emotional balance improved by 14%

The Accenture partnership is a true testament to how the regular practice of mindfulness and mind training can improve the mental well-being and productivity of a large, global workforce.