Take a journey of discovery into your mind

Take a journey of discovery into your mind

Our minds move in multiple directions during the day …

from shopping lists and news headlines, to work promotions and pets. This “mind wandering” can impact our mood negatively and hurt our ability to perform optimally. It makes it difficult to cope with stress and lead effectively.

Do you know how your mind wanders? Wouldn’t it be great to get a moment-to-moment view of where your mind travels to in a typical week? What would surprise you and what would you begin to do differently as a result?

If you could look inside your mind, what would you discover?

Take a journey of discovery into your mind.

The results may surprise you.

Mindgrow is designed to help people understand their MIND AT WORK.
We encourage you to start the week-long experience only if you will be working full time over the next little while. If you’re taking time off for vacation, but interested in starting your journey, feel free to download/install the app and register with your email. We’ll get in touch with you at the end of the summer to remind you to start your journey as work resumes again.

What mindgrow can do for you

Track Mood and Performance

See the up’s and down’s of your mood and performance at a detailed level over the course of five days and learn what is helping and hurting.

Sharpen Focus

Pinpoint how well you focus over the course of a day or a week and how that compares to others. Uncover the linkages between focus and important variables, such as sleep and work meaning.

Boost Resilience

Discover how well you weather the challenging moments of the week and, more importantly, how to deepen your reservoirs of resilience to bounce back from the low moments.

How mindgrow works

Initial Discovery Survey

We will ask you some initial questions to help mindgrow pinpoint the things that are benefiting your mind and things that are getting in the way. Then, you’ll take a mind-wandering test to see how well you do.

Daily Expeditions

For five days, you will receive 3 prompts daily to check in on your mind and record things like your mood and ability to focus. For fun, you will earn flowers if you respond quickly to the prompts. The more you keep on track, the fuller your personal garden will grow.

Mind Discovery Report

At the end of the five days, you will receive a Mind Discovery Report – a personalized summary of your mind’s travels from the week. The report will reveal your levels of focus and resilience and the key factors driving these results.

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Matt Nardi, Accenture

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