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Modern Problem, Ancient Solution

Retreats are a tradition as old as time. And, they are urgently needed now to help leaders find the renewal, inspiration and meaning they seek. Potential Project offers immersive retreats to individuals and teams who are eager and ready to break old patterns and try new ways of working and leading from within.

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Disconnect and

Have you ever wondered how to connect more deeply with your purpose or wanted a bold plan to bring it to life? Do you want to strengthen the levels of trust and cohesion within your leadership team?

Join a Potential Project Immersive and discover what makes you feel meaningful in the world and your organization. Or join your colleagues on a journey to discover your individual and shared potential. A unique combination of skillful silence, provocative experiences, and guided reflection connects you to a deeper sense of self and awareness of the habits and behaviors that no longer serve you.

As the foremost expert in inner leadership, Potential Project’s Leadership Immersives are based on ground-breaking leadership research, including assessments of more than 35,000 leaders, work with over 500 organizations, and interviews with 250 C-level executives.

Potential Project’s Immersives are day-long or multi-day offsites led by our most experienced facilitators and experts in inner transformation. Set in retreat-like settings, the Immersives allow you to step away from your packed days and daily pressures and into the beauty of nature. With open space, you will relax into a deeper discovery of the more human leader within you.

If you are ready to look inward, to learn about yourself, and to change what’s not working, we invite you to a truly unique experience.

The Human Leader Report

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Retreats are an integral practice in many religions and in yoga, meditation, and well-being communities. Why have they endured and why are they relevant and critical for leaders now?

In the latest edition of The Human Leader, we explain the key elements of our immersive retreats and the three specific shifts that occur from a leader’s "normal state” to what we call an “immersive state”. It’s when a leader is in this immersive state that questions of well-being, purpose and meaning are ready to be tackled.

Our Immersives

There is clarity that arises when we step outside of our daily lives, when we put down our devices and welcome silence, when we turn away from to-do lists and tune into the world around us. When we stop, slow down and just be, answers emerge.


For: Executive Teams
Rediscover the north star of your team or company. By aligning on a joint mission and an inspiring direction, your team can move forward with energy and momentum. This Immersive is effective during a major transformation, changes in the executive team, or significant strategic shifts.


For: Executive Teams
Enter a journey to join forces with your teammates and deepen the levels of trust and cohesion. This Immersive is particularly effective with new teams or those who seek greater effectiveness and belonging.


For: Individual Leaders
Embark on a discovery journey to find your personal purpose and explore the deep passions that define and fuel you. This Immersive is effective for those seeking space and clarity during busy and challenging times.


For: Individual Leaders
Break free from your limitations and explore deeper layers of your inner operating model. This Immersive is effective for those who seek to become a high-performing leader, particularly those stepping into more senior positions.

Our Principles

While our Immersives are completely customizable, there are a few core tenets which underpin the design of the experience.

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An important part of the Immersive is disconnecting from everyday life and turning inward. Without digital devices, distraction turns to focus, and constant doing melts into just being.

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In Nature

When we step into a quiet environment of natural beauty, our mind becomes alert. Our usual habits and behaviors are replaced with awareness, awe, and a greater sense of ourselves moving through the world.

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Space and Solitude

The Immersives are a carefully curated combination of silence, powerful experiences, and guided reflections so that you can discover what truly matters in your life. Conversations with others is limited so calm and clarity can emerge from within.

A Taste of Immersives

Experience a glimpse into some of our recent Leadership Immersives


Participant Feedback

You have no idea how you have impacted my life. For me, it was one of the most enlightening experiences of my life. I am a different person altogether. I am better father, husband, son, friend, colleague, and leader after this experience. You have helped me through one of the most difficult phases of my life.
I strongly believe that courageous leaders need to be first and foremost fully aware of themselves. Psychological security – which matters most for high performing teams – has at least two sides, one is within the team but the other one is with yourself. This Immersive brought me to that level and, with the strong purpose I’ve identified during that journey, I am absolutely sure that I will be a more courageous person and leader and offer the psychological safety to face my fears and the team's fears.
For me, this was a deep and extremely valuable experience that not only left me mentally and physically renewed, but also gave me invaluable insights into my self as a leader, my purpose and my values. This enables me to even more courageously engage and drive our transformation to meet the challenges and seize the great opportunities that lie ahead of us.
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Selected Clients

We have worked with a wide variety of great clients. Here are a few selected organisations that we have helped becoming even greater through mindfull thinking

Here are a few selected organisations that we have helped becoming even greater through mindfull thinking.

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