Basic Awareness Training


Welcome to Potential Project, the global leader in bringing mindfulness to organizations and leaders. We are currently writing a book with Harvard Business Press, as well as a series of articles on mindfulness, compassion and leadership. If you would like to be notified for these articles and book, please provide your email here.

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Guided Mindfulness Training

Please use this track to train mindfulness. The track will guide you through a ten-minute mindfulness training session. In the beginning, you will be instructed what to do. The instructions will be followed by silence for you to practice in quiet. At the end of the ten minutes, you will hear a bell.

Mindfulness Training Instructions

The Potential Project Practice Manual is an A-Z of basic aspects of mindfulness training. It serves as a reference tool for the Potential Project’s Corporate-Based Mindfulness Training program. Content: The science of mindfulness training; Why mindfulness?; The 5-point body posture; ABCD – mindfulness training in a nutshell; The top three challenges and their remedies; and more.



You may install the TPP App on your mobile device to listen to the audio tracks and use more features to enhance your practice. Please scan the QR code or go to the links below on your mobile device to install the app.

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