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Client Showcase

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Client Showcase

Human Leadership in a New Era

IKEA is one of the most well-known consumer and retail brands in the world. IKEA’s business goal is to make their products more affordable, accessible and sustainable across key markets in the world. They do this by balancing business performance and results with values-based, inclusive leadership that is “for all”. Fostering a sense of belonging and trust has been central to their business strategy.
We are honored to have worked with IKEA since 2015 on diverse leadership and company-wide initiatives. In 2020, IKEA chose Potential Project as its partner in helping employees to manage through the instability and uncertainty of the pandemic. Together, our programs touched IKEA’s top 21,000 managers and its entire workforce of 166,000 co-workers in 17 different languages.
Most recently Potential Project delivered a program called "Leadership in a New Era" to the top 170 global leaders as part of a 9-month program. This has since been extended to the top 500 Retail Market Managers across North America.

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9 years of collaboration to date
166,000+ people touched
17 different languages

Benefits of the Program

No program can do everything, but we confidently promise that you will feel:

  • A sense of renewal and fresh commitment to your work;
  • Optimism and energy about moving forward;
  • Deeper connection to the kind of leader you want to be and confidence on how to get there;
  • Movement from just coping to thriving and growing as a leader.

We invite you on a journey that has been hugely beneficial to participants before you.

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We always want our people to know that they are important. I have a strong belief that the way we are leading this company with mindfulness is the right thing to do. It’s so much in line with who we are and who we want to be. When we can see the benefits from our investment and the positive results not only in business, but in the atmosphere of the company, that’s enough of a proof point for me to know that this really works.

Ulrika Biesert
Chief Human Resources Officer at Ingka Group​
“Great course and at a critical time, as we look to our performance and ourselves to ensure we do the best for our teams.”

— Managing Director, Salesforce
“I took something from every call and was able to action and implement it with results.”

— Managing Director, Cloud First
"Everything was absolutely well thought out, well planned, delivered extremely well, with a lot of experience, energy and passion!"

— Managing Director, Gallia