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We are the global leader in providing customized, organizational effectiveness programs based on mindfulness. Our mission is to enhance individual and company performance, resilience and creativity.

During the past decade, we have brought mindfulness training to 100,000 individuals in over 500 companies across North America, Asia, Europe and Australia. All programs are individually designed to meet your needs.

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Meet our global team. Wherever you are–North America, Australia, Asia or Europe–we have skilled facilitators with both a deep experience in corporate and not-for-profit organizations and a long history of mindfulness practice and training. They know how to craft a program to suit your needs whether it is to enhance performance, increase innovation or create resilience.








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Potential Project International

Managing Director

Rasmus Hougaard, M.A.

New York, USA

Rasmus Hougaard is the Founder and Managing Director of Potential Project, a global leadership training, organizational development and research firm.  They help leaders and organizations enhance performance, innovation and resilience through mindfulness and other practices grounded in neuroscience and research. They partner with forward thinking companies like Cisco, LEGO, Accenture, Microsoft and 500+ other global clients helping create people centric cultures and truly human leadership.

Rasmus is recognized by the Thinkers50 as one of the most important emerging business thinkers in the world and writes for Harvard Business Review, Forbes and Business Insider. Rasmus has led more than 1,500 keynotes and workshops and is recognized as the leading global authority on training the mind to be focused, effective and clear for great leadership, performance, innovation and resilience. He lectures at the world’s leading business and executive education schools like IESE and IMD.

Rasmus’ most recent book The Mind of the Leader, published by Harvard Business Review is based on research on 35,000 leaders and executives and provides a pathway to great leadership in the 21st century. It is the most pre-ordered book HBR has ever published.

His first book One Second Ahead – Enhancing Your Performance at Work with Mindfulness, is a performance bible in organizations like Accenture, LEGO and many more.

Rasmus has a background in organizational development and research as well as a leadership career in Sony Corporation. He lives in Copenhagen and New York with his wife and three teenagers.

He is a sought-after keynote speaker and leadership developer within corporations and have spoken to employees, leaders and executives at Microsoft, McKinsey, American Express, LEGO, Google, World Bank and hundreds of other organizations. Also, he is a frequent speaker at the premium business, leadership and HR conferences like Work Human, HRD Summit, Mindful Leadership Summit, Wisdom 2.0 and numerous others.

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Partner & Director North America

Jacqueline Carter, M.Sc.

New York, USA and Canada

With a Master of Science in Organizational Behaviour and over 20 years of experience supporting organizations through large scale change, Jacqueline has held a wide range of leadership and consulting roles across a range of industries including transportation, oil and gas, insurance and government. Jacqueline has many years of personal experience with mind training and over the past 10 years has focussed on embedding mindfulness practices into daily corporate life.

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International Partner

Rob Stembridge

Copenhagen, Denmark

Rob has over 20 years of technology and consulting experience working at Accenture where he was most recently Managing Director for Technology in Financial Services Nordic. He has worked across multiple industries, client organisations and countries and is a very experienced programme director with deep expertise in delivery and sales lifecycle leadership. He has spent the majority of his work life leading complex transition and transformation engagements. Rob is an avid people developer. He has personal experience with mind training and was the global business sponsor within Accenture focussed on bringing mindfulness practices to the corporate world.

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Erick Rinner
Partner & International Director

Erick Rinner, MBA

Lausanne, Switzerland

Erick shares his time between Potential Project in Europe, while still chairing Milestone Investisseurs, his private equity firm. He has been in corporate finance for 26 years including 18 years in private equity. Erick’s core skills include initiating change at board level, negotiation, advising management teams on value creation and leadership. He sits on the board of companies in London, Luxembourg and Switzerland. Erick trains leaders and executives in global companies for corporate mindfulness techniques. Erick has had a daily mindfulness practice for 10 years and is regularly on retreat. He received his MBA from Columbia Business School (Award for Excellence). Erick donates his corporate mindfulness training fees to www.karuna-shechen.org and www.globalnomad-tibet.com

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Finance Director

Christel Leonhard

Copenhagen, Denmark

Since July 2016 Christel is Finance Director with Potential Project International. She has a background in the financial industry and consulting. She holds a MBA from CBS in Copenhagen. Christel has practiced mindfulness the last 6 years and is on the way to become a MBSR trainer.

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Operations Director

Jenni Elise Toulson

United Kingdom

Jenni is the Operations Director with Potential Project International and a Senior Consultant and Trainer with the UK team. Her experience is founded in programme and project management having delivering organisational and transformational change in diverse settings across a range of industries. She is passionate about supporting individuals and teams build personal and interpersonal resilience to access greater awareness, clarity, self-reliance and focus. Trained in Mindfulness, Compassion and Emotional Intelligence to support organisations thrive, she teaches and trains in her local community as well as running workshops within organisations across the UK.

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Paula Kelley
Marketing Director

Paula Kelley

New York, USA

Paula is a marketing strategist, experience builder and data-driven digital marketer. Her passion is helping companies to deepen connections with clients through smart marketing, engaging experiences and new solutions. Paula spent 10 years as a consultant with Deloitte, working with leading consumer brand companies to transform their operations. After Deloitte, Paula moved to Citi and held senior marketing leadership roles in Engagement Marketing, Omnichannel Marketing, Customer Experience and Product Innovation. After Citi, Paula joined Bank of New York Mellon as the Chief Marketing Officer for Dreyfus.

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Angelika Assen
Country Director

Angelika von der Assen


Angelika’s passion lies in supporting leaders and organizations to grow and flourish through mindfulness practices.She considers mindfulness as the most precious gift she ever received. Until recently, she worked for Switzerland’s largest energy supplier as Head of Management Development, where she implemented various mindfulness programs, thus piloting mind training in a Swiss organization.Today, she is a sought-after keynote speaker, mindfulness teacher and leadership consultant. Angelika holds an M. Sc. in Organizational Psychology and lives in the greater Zurich area with her family.

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Daniel Cushing

Toronto, Canada

With more than 25 years’ international experience as a senior manager, leadership instructor and executive coach, Daniel works with global business leaders and their teams to support them in becoming more effective. He is now passionate about bringing his 20 years of mindfulness experience into the corporate world.

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Country Director

David Chung


David combines his practice of mindfulness with 20 years of experience in implementing IT solutions across Asia and the USA for Sales & Marketing stakeholders. He’s worked at an entrepreneurial digital marketing agency, as well as Intel Corporation where he held regional to global IT management roles. David is a core member of the Joyful Garden Sangha in Singapore that practices in the Plum Village tradition of Zen Master Thich Nhat Hanh. He also finds long distance running highly conducive to cultivating mindfulness, and has completed numerous marathons and ultra-marathons.

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Country Manager

Denis Corthier


With 25 years of professional coaching experience with over 1000 professionals of 60 nationalities on four continents, Denis supports global organizations to achieve strategic objectives. He enhances performance, creativity and resilience, delivering tangible and measurable results. Denis also helps executives to increase their impact through minimal behavioral adjustments and team alignment. Building on years of mind training, and a Vipassana practitioner since 2013, Denis focuses on embedding mindfulness in organizations.

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Country Manager

Diogo Rolo


Following an initial academic training in Economics (BSc) and Finance (MSc), Diogo Rolo spent the following 7 years of his career doing investment banking in one of Portugal’s leading banks, BPI, advising European and Australian institutional clients on Portuguese and Spanish equities. Since 2013 he has been working in high stress / high performance organizations, both 1:1 and with groups, having his work focused in 3 key areas: increasing resilience levels, implementing lasting change processes and developing leadership skills. Since 2016, he has been keen on using the Potential Project’s approach to mind training as a way to help build, and sustain over time, higher levels of both professional and personal performance.

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Country Manager

Emilia Domenech

Madrid, Spain

Executive Coach and consultant specialized in values-based Conscious Business and Mindful Leadership. Member of IESE Business School Coaching Unit has a wide experience in managing difficult conversations, self-leadership and stress management. Previously worked in the corporate world over 15 years. Emilia, a Spanish national, read law and holds an MBA from IE Business School.

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Country Director & Partner

Gillian Coutts

Sydney, Australia

Gillian has over 20 years experience as a leader and change agent in the sales and operations functions of large corporations. She has worked across a range of industries including retail, government, transport, oil and gas, and human services. She holds graduate qualifications in business, operations research and counselling, and is passionate about delivering the benefits of mindfulness to corporate life.

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Country Director & Partner

Gitte Dybkjær

Copenhagen, Denmark

Gitte Dybkjaer is an acknowledged trainer in training the mind to be focused and clear at work. She holds a MSc. in International Business and Intercultural Management with Japanese. She has many years of experience within sales, leadership, organizational and business development from Consultancy, the FMCG and NGO industry. She is specialized in developing high performing people, teams and organizations across cultures. Gitte perceives mindfulness as the most powerful tool to unfold people’s and organizations’ potential.

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Country Manager

Ineke Leemans

Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Ineke has worked for more than 30 years in the financial industry and had management positions since 1990. She worked for 10 different corporate organizations and had a focus on organizational and cultural changes. She discovered that achieving results requires focus, tranquility, kindness and genuine attention to your colleagues and team members. She knows from years of experience what daily meditation can mean for you. In her work as a trainer, she combines her experience as a leader with her passion for mindfulness.

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Country Director

Louise Chester


Louise started practicing mindfulness in 1994. It helped her have balance in her life, while sustaining a pressured career in investment analysis and fund management, ultimately as Head of Research and then Global Sector Head for Dresdner RCM. In 2010, she formed Mindfulness at Work – a trusted advisor to corporations looking to enhance talent performance and wellbeing through mindfulness training and coaching. Since then, she and her team have been working strategically with organisations ranging from Ashurst LLP to JP Morgan, to enable many thousands of employees to access award-winning, highly-effective mindfulness at work training. Louise joined as UK Country Director of Potential Project in 2015, so that corporations in the UK could benefit from the ‘gold standard’ in corporate-based mindfulness training for teams and leaders. Louise is a member of the Mindfulness Association, has monthly supervision and commits at least 6 weeks a year to retreats with global leaders in the field of insight, compassion and embodied presence.

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Country Director

Marie Boregrim


Marie is a senior organizational consultant and an professional coach working with leadership development, executive coaching, ICF PCC diploma, team-coaching, CTPC, and as a mindfulness trainer CBMT & MBSR. Marie has long leadership experience as CFO, BC, MD and management consultant.

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Country Director

Marissa Afton

New York / Denver, US

As an executive coach and change management professional, Marissa has led initiatives at multinational organizations spanning 4 continents, working with executive leaders, teams and individual contributors across the sectors of finance, IT, professional services, higher education, finance, hospitality, law, oil and gas, healthcare and many others. A mindfulness practitioner for over 25 years, Marissa brings experience in executive leadership training, mindfulness in the workplace, human capital and performance coaching, and consultation to her role as Client Solutions Director at Potential Project. Marissa is passionate about helping people realize their full potential at work through improved focus, clarity and attention.

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Country Director

Martial Vidaud

Paris, France

Martial is an expert on mindfulness training and coaching. He explores 3 human-being dimensions: body, emotions and mind. He is passionate about integrating awareness, presence and mindful attitudes appropriately in business. He has been holding several leadership positions in different companies (Danone, Deloitte and Technip) in France and abroad for 15 years.

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Partner & Country Director

Martin Ström

Stockholm, Sweden

Martin holds a M. Sc. degree in Engineering and a M. Sc. degree in Psychology. He conducted the first Swedish study on the effects of mindfulness training in work-life, and is the author of a best selling book on Corporate Mindfulness (“Fokus på jobbet”). Martin has trained leaders and staff from companies like IKEA, IBM, Nordea, If, and Vattenfall in mindfulness.

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Dr. Martina Esberger-Chowdhury
Country Manager

Martina Esberger Chowdhury

Vienna, Austria

Martina Esberger-Chowdhury is a Mindfulness trainer and coach with a focus on organizational development. She is a Pharmacist and Marketing Professional with a longstanding leadership experience in the pharmaceutical corporate world both in Europe and in India. Martina has many years of meditation and mindfulness practice. Bringing Mindfulness into organisations and to individuals is her passion.

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Martina Lüttringhaus
Country Manager

Martina Lüttringhaus

Cologne, Germany

Martina Lüttringhaus is a senior expert in corporate culture, leadership development and executive coaching with 14 years of experience, serving customers across industries. Her mission is, to enhance modern leadership in the digital age with mindfulness qualities to improve not only success but also quality of work and life for individuals, teams and organizations.

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Marut Bhardwaj, Potential Project Country Director, India
Country Director

Marut Bhardwaj

Gurgaon, India

Marut is a Strategy professional with 27 years of deep corporate experience across profiles and industries. With a 12 years Meditation and Mindfulness practice and the passion to start the Mindful Leadership movement in India, she launched the annual event Mindful Leadership Summit in India successfully.

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Country Director

Michelle Chan

Shenzhen, China

Michelle has been an executive coach and a leadership program facilitator since 2008. Her clients vary from Chinese SOEs to MNC. Michelle heavily involves supporting her Corp clients’ talent development and change management. She is presently integrating mindfulness into her coaching and facilitation. Prior to this, Michelle has 10 years’ experience in a leading executive search firm (6 countries and 11 offices, last position as Managing Director) and 10 years in an EMS manufacturing (last position as their regional Engineering Director). She has a passionate interest in mathematics and enjoys hiking, reading, cooking and developing people. Michelle speaks native Mandarin, fluent English and Cantonese.

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Country Director

Robyne Blood

New Zealand

Robyne has extensive expertise in facilitating change at multiple levels: organisational, team and individual. Robyne utilises evidenced-based, positive psychology frameworks and often employs whole system dialogue interventions to rapidly accelerate change through broad engagement. Robyne incorporates principles and practices from complexity theory in her approach to resolving complex organisational change issues and has worked with many top Australian companies including McKinsey and Company. Robyne has incorporated mindfulness in her approach for many years.

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Sophia Zamalieva, Country Manager, Potential Project Russia
Country Manager

Sophia Zamalieva


Sophia is an experienced consultant, trainer and facilitator to leaders and teams in the corporate and public sectors. She has over 15 years of experience of leadership in various organizations including hospitality, oil and gas, wellness and fitness industries, as well as non-profit.

With a Ph.D. in Philosophy, Sophia is the author of numerous books, articles, courses, and master-classes. Four years ago, Sophia joined a select group of business experts and entrepreneurs from around the world, along with success expert Brian Tracy to co-write the book “Ignite Your Life”. On the day of release, “Ignite Your Life” reached best-seller status. She has many years of personal experience with mindfulness training and over the past four years has focused on embedding mindfulness approach in her own country.

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Country Director

Stephen Stynes


Stephen has over 30 years global business experience and has held a wide range of leadership, entrepreneurial and consulting roles in US, Spain, Chile, Colombia & Ireland. He began practicing mindfulness in 2005. Since 2012 he has coached and trained hundreds of individuals and teams, helping leaders, entrepreneurs and executives to accelerate their personal and professional success using mindfulness based practices. Stephen´s core skills include working with leaders and teams in highly complex, fast paced environments through both group facilitation and one to one coaching. He works in both English and Spanish.

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Country Director

Teetta Kalajo

Espoo, Finland

With a career in international telecom business spanning more than a decade, Teetta has been working with change and leadership-, team-, and organizational development in various countries in Europe and Latin America. As an experienced mindfulness practitioner, she found her passion to utilize her experience in supporting organizations and individuals for high performance and currently she is working as a trainer, coach and facilitator.

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Country Director

Tony Dickel

China / Hong Kong

Tony is an experienced executive coach and trainer/examiner of professional coaches who, as well as being the founder and CEO of Transcend International, is also the current president of the International Coach Federation in HK. Tony’s coaching and leadership approach is to assist with “vertical development” and individual transformation through coaching approaches including mindfulness, self-observation and reflection practices as a core methodology. He teaches mindfulness-based approaches into a variety of setting and is also a certified trainer of Wallace and Ekman’s Cultivating Emotional Balance course and has held a number of Board level leadership roles over his 27-year tenure in HK. Tony is married with 1 son, 4 cats and 2 dogs.

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Country Director

Vince Brewerton

Toronto, Canada

Vince is an experienced facilitator, consultant and teacher and is a trusted advisor to leaders and teams in the corporate, not-for-profit and public sectors. He has more than 25 years experience as an international management consultant, Executive Director of the Centre for Spirituality and the Workplace at Saint Mary’s University, and an award-winning teacher at the Rotman School of Management. Drawing on his experience leading strategic change and many years of mindfulness practice, Vince works with organizations to enhance individual and organizational performance and well-being.

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Country Director

Zerlina Sim


Zerlina is a Chartered Accountant and established her career as a financial and business consultant across a range of industries including oil and gas, financial services and manufacturing. Her roles were with top-tier finance and management consultancies in Australia, United Kingdom and Singapore. Today, as an associate of the International Coach Federation, she practices as a coach to clients based in Singapore and around the world. Zerlina offers many years of personal experience with mind training in her dedication to the vocation of helping clients establish a mindfulness practice in their daily life at work and at home.

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