Potential Project App
Simple but powerful mind training exercises to increase your ability to focus and be present.
The app is your companion on the journey towards more acceptance, joy, kindness and openness in your daily life.

Would you like to increase your effectiveness and your ability to focus at work?

Would you like to perform well without getting stressed or emotionally drained?

Do you want to create the neural networks that enable creative thinking and innovation?

Be Mindful On A Daily Basis
The benefits of mindfulness have been proven in thousands of research projects to include improved physical health, less stress, anger and emotional imbalance, increased compassion, and higher degrees of subjective happiness and well-being.
With the Potential Project App, you can:
  • Listen to mindfulness practices wherever you are on your phone
  • Track your progress in terms of total number of training minutes, total number of sessions completed, best daily streak and current daily streak
  • Review weekly, monthly and yearly progress graphs
  • Set your goals
  • Set Mindful Moment reminders
  • Access Potential Project’s Mental Strategies and Work Techniques which have been developed over 10 years of mind training experience
  • Create custom length practices with silence and interval bells
  • Access Potential Project’s Mindfulness Assessment and individualized report

Get The App

You may install the POTENTIAL PROJECT APP on your mobile device to listen to the audio tracks and use more features to enhance your practice. Please scan the QR code or go to the links below on your mobile device to install the app.

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