The Mind of the Leader App

“The Mind of the Leader” book, published by Harvard Business Review Press, is an exploration of how leaders can lead themselves, their people and their organizations for extraordinary results. The Mind of the Leader app provides practices which complement and deepen the topics presented in the book.

Develop The Mind of a Leader

Potential Project interviewed 250 C-suite executives and assessed 35,000 leaders to uncover the mental qualities and leadership behaviors that create an engaged workforce, stronger human connectedness, and deeper levels of motivation. A radical redefinition of leadership emerges based in Mindfulness, Compassion and Selflessness. Download and explore the app to discover and build a new kind of leadership.
The Mind of the Leader app:
  • Fully supports “The Mind of the Leader” book and learning journey
  • Provides mind training practices, tips and articles
  • Includes mindfulness practices for Focus, Awareness, Selflessness and Compassion
  • Tracks your progress in real time, weekly or monthly
  • Monitors how you feel weekly and monthly
  • Sets “mindful moments” and practice reminders
  • Is available on Google Play and App Store

Become a Mindful, Selfless and Compassionate Leader

On-demand, self-guided practices help leaders to develop the three core mental qualities of Mindfulness, Selflessness, and Compassion. The app includes introduction, audio practices, articles and tips to aid your practice.

Track Your Progress

  • Set and review goals for your Mindful, Selfless and Compassionate Leadership progress
  • Track your progress real-time, daily, weekly or monthly through “My Progress”
  • Set daily reminders to practice or to simply take a mindful moment in “Settings”

Get The App

The free version of the app offers access to guided Mindfulness practices. Access to guided practices for Selflessness and Compassion is available with a subscription.

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