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Client Showcase

Powering a People-Centered Business

Cisco was named The World's Best Workplace in 2020 for the second year running – a well-deserved recognition of the people-centered priorities which Cisco has embraced for years.

In 2017, Cisco began a partnership with Potential Project to design a mind training program called Cisco Mind Set. The program is built around Cisco’s strategic Global Wellbeing Principles and the goal is to power people and teams to be more productive, resilient, and creative. The impetus of the program was the realization that Cisco needed to help its people to build resilience. The program has three distinct segments focusing on performance, innovation and navigating change.

In 2020, the program grew from its foundation in the United States into a global offering and now reaches 42 countries.

In 2021, new languages were offered to allow even more of the 70,000+ person Cisco workforce to participate.

The Cisco leaders have reported positive changes on their daily work experience, such as:

• 30% increase in focus
• 29% reduction in multitasking
• 19% increase in collaboration
• 25% increase in work efficiency

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7 years of collaboration to date
70,000+ people touched
42 countries reached by the programs

Benefits of the Program

No program can do everything, but we confidently promise that you will feel:

  • A sense of renewal and fresh commitment to your work;
  • Optimism and energy about moving forward;
  • Deeper connection to the kind of leader you want to be and confidence on how to get there;
  • Movement from just coping to thriving and growing as a leader.

We invite you on a journey that has been hugely beneficial to participants before you.

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People were struggling with how to manage the day-to-day from a work perspective and then to be their best selves in everything else that they did. We knew that if we were not careful, we were going to find our lives run by transactions and activities. So, there was this need to really center and focus. And I look at all of those elements now, and I can't think of a time when we've needed that type of foundation more.

Francine Katsoudas
Chief People Officer, Cisco​
“Great course and at a critical time, as we look to our performance and ourselves to ensure we do the best for our teams.”

— Managing Director, Salesforce
“I took something from every call and was able to action and implement it with results.”

— Managing Director, Cloud First
"Everything was absolutely well thought out, well planned, delivered extremely well, with a lot of experience, energy and passion!"

— Managing Director, Gallia