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Client Showcase Deutsche Telekom

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Client Showcase

Igniting purpose to enable courageous leadership

Europe’s largest telecommunications company has been experiencing growth, strong performance and market dominance But they recognize that becoming a global digital telco leader requires bolder shifts and transformation led by courageous leaders.

DT leaders needed to rediscover their source of courage to be more entrepreneurial, innovative and to lead their teams and organization in a new way while making DT a top telco valuable brand.  

Deutsche Telekom partners with Potential Project to help its leaders in an unconventional way – through offsite immersive retreats.  

In an environment of nature and silence, DT leaders are guided in a 3-day immersive to access progressively deeper layers of the self and emerge with profound clarity on purpose and a bold plan to bring it to life.

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3 years of collaboration
10 executive offsites and programs
Hundreds of leaders touched

Benefits of the Program

No program can do everything, but we confidently promise that you will feel:

  • A sense of renewal and fresh commitment to your work;
  • Optimism and energy about moving forward;
  • Deeper connection to the kind of leader you want to be and confidence on how to get there;
  • Movement from just coping to thriving and growing as a leader.

We invite you on a journey that has been hugely beneficial to participants before you.

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Leaders want to know why they are on this planet, what is their greater purpose, and what they want to leave behind. But they can’t get to the answer through intellect. There is a different kind of wisdom that emerges when you are away in nature.

Nicole Hörl
Head of Top Executive Development, Deutsche Telekom
“Great course and at a critical time, as we look to our performance and ourselves to ensure we do the best for our teams.”

— Managing Director, Salesforce
“I took something from every call and was able to action and implement it with results.”

— Managing Director, Cloud First
"Everything was absolutely well thought out, well planned, delivered extremely well, with a lot of experience, energy and passion!"

— Managing Director, Gallia