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Leading and Thriving in a
Hybrid World

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A New Hybrid
World of Work

Hybrid work is arriving at its next chapter as more people return to the office setting. With that comes excitement about connecting and collaborating in person again and leaving the isolation of the home office.  At the same time, two years of disconnection, anxiety and uncertainty are still weighing us down. From small changes to more fundamental ones, we are arriving to this phase as changed beings. It feels like a hopeful time ahead. But we need to recognize what our brains, bodies and teams need during this time of change.

It starts with leadership and requires a radically new mindset and way of working.

Leading in a Hybrid Environment

Potential Project offers a full playbook of solutions to help leaders thrive in a hybrid world of work. We focus on the underlying and often-overlooked mental qualities that are critical for leading a hybrid team effectively. Together, we build a more expansive model of hybrid work with people and possibilities at its center. Our solutions illuminate and address the key challenges of hybrid work.

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What the Data Says

Social isolation is the top challenge faced while working from home.
Employees feel 36% better about returning to the office when leaders communicate the plans frequently (every other day or more).
75% of the reasons why people are excited to return to the office are socially-oriented.
Source: Potential Project

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