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a More Human World of Work

At Potential Project Australia, we unlock the potential of leaders, teams and organisations, enabling them to do their best work, without burning out.

Systemic, sustainable change comes from putting the human journey of change right alongside the journey of strategic and organisational change.

We recognise that individuals and leaders –not plans or programs  –  make change happen; and that all change starts with an inner game.

That’s why our organisational solutions begin with the mind: developing mindsets, skillsets and habits that help build cultures that are calmer, more effective, resilient and happier.

For leaders, our Inner Playbook solutions cultivate wiser, more compassionate and courageous leaders who understand that when you look after your people, your people and your business flourish.

Our consultants and facilitators live what they teach – having longstanding mindfulness practices combined with decades of working in corporate environments and executive leadership positions.

With facilitators across Australia, we can start small or partner at scale with organisations that understand the need fora new human-centred way of working.

Get in touch if you’d like to find out more about how to support your people, transform your organisation and step into Work: Reimagined.

Our Clients

For more than a decade, we’ve assisted government departments, global retailers, financial and professional services firms, telecommunication companies, and many others, to unlock performance, resilience and creativity and adopt a new playbook for managing leadership complexity. Our evidence-based leadership and organisational development solutions range from webinars and workshops through to ongoing programs delivered locally, nationally or globally.

Client Spotlight

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“It has had the greatest positive impact, more than any other professional development I have completed. I am more focused and in control of my work and tasks and do not feel as pressured or inundated by the demands of my role.”

Over the past five years Potential Project Australia has worked with more than 500 school leaders in the public and private system, helping them to resiliently manage the complexities of leadership.

We’ve done this through partnering with twoEducation Departments on leadership development, working directly with individual school teams, and through open programs online.

By supporting school leaders to balance challenging demands by working smarter, not harder, the ripple effects of these programs are being felt throughout institutions, households and communities.

Research matters, and we partnered with Murdoch University to assess the impacts our Mindful Leaders programs were having with school principals in Western Australia. These insights have been published in the book Cultivating Teacher Resilience, International Approaches, Applications and Research and in leading education journals.

Across multiple programs with school leaders in three states, we’re proud to say that 100% recommend the training.

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With experienced facilitators and consultants in most Australian States, we’ll match the best person to meet your organisation’s unique needs. Email us to get started.

Gillian Coutts
Country Director
Gillian Coutts