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Start With the Data, End With Real Change

At Potential Project, we are research-led. In collaboration with researchers from Harvard, Columbia and Berkeley, we look for the data that tell the stories and the patterns that unlock insights.  Our proprietary studies reveal a future of work that is truly human-centric.

Connecting the Dots

We know it's hard to measure important things like employee engagement and well-being, team effectiveness, and leadership impact. How to know what to invest in these outcomes and what the return on that investment will be?  

At Potential Project, we do this work so you don’t have to.

We have developed innovative and industry-leading diagnostic tools to gather unique data sets on a global scale.  In partnership with a council of academic partners from leading universities, we help our clients make great decisions by relying on the power of big data and predictive analytics. We also make sure that our solutions and services incorporate the latest and most ground-breaking perspectives on individual and organizational behavior change.

In parallel to our global research, we evaluate and assess the impact of each client program we deliver. So, when you work with Potential Project, you will get real data on program effectiveness to see what has changed for your people and how that translates into concrete business metrics.

The new world of work isn’t based on guesswork.  It’s based on visionary data collection and insightful story-telling. Together, they foretell what work is today and what it can be in the future.

The Mind at Work is Potential Project’s bi-annual study of how our minds work while we work. Using our proprietary digital diagnostic tool – Mindgrow – we assess employees’ moods and mental states within the flow of a work week. The study looks at variables such as focus, resilience, stress, sleep and meaning to paint an overall picture of employee well-being and organizational culture.

What Makes The Mind at Work unique:

  • Real-time: Data is captured real-time while respondents are in the flow of working. We don’t rely on surveys which require respondents to go back in time to remember how they acted or felt.
  • Breadth of Data: To date, we have collected data across 44 countries and 15 industries to form the largest, most unique data set in the world about the human side of work.
  • Partnerships: Our academic partners from Berkeley, Columbia, Harvard and the University of Amsterdam bring years of expertise to the goal of finding meaning in the numbers and creating actionable advice for companies, leaders and individuals.

Read our reports:

Fall 2021: Resilience
Spring 2021: Mind Wandering
Download Mind at Work Report

The Human Leader is Potential Project’s bi-annual study of the critical attributes that constitute a new model of human-centric leadership. Based on data from 5,000 companies across 100 countries, The Human Leader provides ground-breaking insights into how leaders can relearn how to be more human at work.

What Makes The Human Leader unique:

  • Breadth of Data: With data across diverse geographies and multiple industries, The Human Leader shines a light on the most important leadership attributes for a new world of work.
  • Multiple Perspectives: The insights come with greater precision, correcting for any possible bias by including both leader's self-reported assessment as well as feedback from his/her direct reports. The result? A more complete picture of leadership gathered from multiple perspectives.
  • Partnerships: The Human Leader Assessment was developed in partnership with academic researchers at Harvard Business School, Columbia Business School, Haas School of Business at the University of California at Berkeley, Rotman School of Management at the University of Toronto, and the University of Amsterdam School of Business.

Read our reports:

Winter 2023: Sixth Edition
Fall 2022: Fifth Edition
Download The Human Leader Report
Spring 2022: Fourth Edition
Download The Human Leader Report
Spring 2022: Third Edition
Download The Human Leader Report
Winter 2022: Second Edition
Download The Human Leader Report
Fall 2021: First Edition
Download The Human Leader Report
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Selected Clients

We have worked with a wide variety of great clients. Here are a few selected organisations that we have helped becoming even greater through mindfull thinking

Here are a few selected organisations that we have helped becoming even greater through mindfull thinking.

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Diagnostic Tools

In the Potential Project Laboratory, our team of scientists are continually innovating and developing new measurement tools that get packaged alongside our core programs and offerings. We measure minds at every level, from the inner experiences of a single employee, to the combined mental effectiveness of a team, to the large-scale cultural changes in an organization. Our assessments, program evaluations and digital diagnostics provide a window into the mind. Fueled by data from multiple sources, we take the numbers and tell a story.

Tools for Teams:

Tools for Leaders:


Mindgrow is an innovative digital diagnostic tool from Potential Project which reveals the hidden side of the mind at work. It helps us to understand how our daily focus and emotional experiences drive peak productivity and wellness.

Mindfulness Assessment

The Mindfulness Assessment enables individuals to measure their mental effectiveness online – with immediate feedback and results.

Team Mindfulness Assessment

With detailed analytics and reporting, the Team Mindfulness Assessment provides a view of your entire organization’s effectiveness by team, enabling data-driven decisions and targeted interventions when needed.

Human Leadership Assessment

The Human Leadership Assessment is a scientifically-validated survey that measures, tracks, and maps a leader’s ability to do hard things in a human way. It shows leaders where they are today, and where they could be tomorrow.

Our Lead Scientist

Our Research Team is led by Nick Hobson, PhD, Director of Behavioral and Data Sciences at Potential Project and a behavioral science strategist for leading organizations and brands.

Nick and his team are available to meet with organizations and teams interested in diving deeper into Potential Project research on the most important leadership attributes for a new world of work and how we evaluate and measure a leader’s potential for doing hard things in a more human way.

Compassionate Leadership Assessment

Are you able to 'do hard things in a human way'? We welcome you to take this 360-style assessment including both self- and employee-ratings to understand your leadership style. You will be asked to rate a series of statements about your leadership preferences and styles.

We ask that you be honest with yourself in responding to the questions. The assessment is completely anonymous; no personal or identifiable data will be used. It will take approximately 10 minutes to complete.

You’ll receive your personalized complete report in 10 days.

Our Team of Scientists

A global council of world-leading behavioral scientists and researchers collaborate on projects that advance our collective understanding of the mind at work.

Darja Kragt, PhD

Senior Consultant, Behavioral and Data Sciences

Kimiko Davis, MSc

Senior Analyst, Behavioral and Data Sciences

Nick Hobson, PhD

Director, Behavioral and Data Sciences

Zachary Grey

Evaluations Analyst

Sandra Matz, PhD

Associate Professor of Business
Columbia Business School

Jennifer Chatman, PhD

Distinguished Professor of Management
Haas School of Business
University of California at Berkeley

Juliana Schroeder, PhD

Assistant Professor, Management of Organizations
Haas School of Business
University of California at Berkeley

Jon Jachimowicz, PhD

Assistant Professor of Business Administration
Harvard Business School

Ashley Whillans, PhD

Assistant Professor of Business Administration
Harvard Business School

Maya Rossignac-Milon, PhD

Assistant Professor, Managing People in Organizations
IESE Business School

Joanna Sosnowska, PhD

Assistant Professor of Management
University of Amsterdam

Michael Inzlicht, PhD

Professor of Psychology
University of Toronto