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Welcome to a new kind of community. Executives united in a mission to build better leaders... together.

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Inspiring Collaboration. Intimate Connections.

Across industries and geographies, Learning, Development, and Talent executives are reshaping their priorities to respond to a post-pandemic world of work. The most pressing imperative?  Helping their leaders to lead in new ways.

To assist in this urgent work, Potential Project is proud to sponsor The Connected Circle, a small, intimate group of senior executives gathered in community to examine issues, debate solutions, and learn from each other.

We know it’s nearly impossible to find time in your day to track the fast-changing landscape of leadership, to connect with colleagues, or even to think ahead.  And it can feel lonely at times.  

With quarterly collaboration sessions, ready-to-apply insights, and a like-minded set of peers, The Connected Circle is what you need for the work ahead.

Interested? We welcome you to get in touch to discuss participation and collaboration.

Why The Connected Circle?

Benefits of joining The Connected Circle:

  • Time for thinking and sharing in an open and safe place, coupled with actionable insights and ideas to bring back to your organization
  • Timely insights from our team of researchers and behavioral scientists on the new world of work
  • Unique collaboration time with peers to shape the next generation of leaders in a confidential forum​

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Selected Clients

We have worked with a wide variety of great clients. Here are a few selected organisations that we have helped becoming even greater through mindfull thinking

Here are a few selected organisations that we have helped becoming even greater through mindfull thinking.

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