Leadership Development

People-centered leadership to unlock organizational performance

What does exceptional leadership look like in the 21st century?

Potential Project’s leadership development programs begin with the mind. We work with leaders to help create truly human leadership and people centric organizations to ultimately deliver extraordinary business results.

The mind creates our behavior. Our behavior shapes the people we lead. And our people create our culture, determining our organization’s performance.

The Mind of the Leader, Harvard Business Press 2018​​

We help our clients develop organizations where their people find the meaning and purpose that truly engages and motivates them. Together, we are solving the global leadership crisis, in which:

77% of leaders think they’re good at engaging their team (while 88% of employees disagree)

65% of employees would forego a pay raise to see their leaders fired

24% of the global workforce is actively disengaged (only 13% are actively engaged)

This is an enormous waste of human talent – despite the fact that over $46 billion USD is invested each year on developing leaders.

Leadership development to
unlock organizational performance

Potential Project’s Leadership Solutions have been created using more than a decade of leadership development and mind training experience, backed by our in-depth research with over 35,000 leaders worldwide. In our work, we support forward thinking organizations such as Deloitte, LEGO, Accenture, IKEA and Marriott in shaping people-centered cultures.

Our programs deepen people’s ability to lead by providing the tools and techniques required to create a new set of sustainable leadership behaviors. We develop leadership skills and qualities that go beyond what is taught in most MBAs.

The human qualities behind
exceptional leadership

Our programs support leaders in leading with three core qualities:

Mindfulness, Selflessness and Compassion are the basis of the “MSC Leadership” framework, the result of a ground-breaking 3 years’ research study done together with Harvard Business Review. In it, we unveil the mental qualities and behaviors that truly drive people, and unlock human potential and performance.

The principles of mindfulness, selflessness and compassion in many ways go against the grain of how many businesses are run. They inspire me and provide insights to further evolve our culture and put people first.

2019 CEO of the Year, Arne Sorenson, CEO and President of Marriott International

Leadership starts with the mind

It is only by understanding and leading ourselves that we can truly understand and lead our people.

Only by understanding and leading our people can we understand and lead our organization.

A good leader must understand what makes a good life and how to help people find that. A leader’s job is not to provide a paycheck and benefits: It’s about helping people be truly happy and find meaning in their jobs and life. When a leader succeeds with this, it unlocks real performance.

Michael Rennie, Global Leader of Organization Practice, McKinsey & Company

Customized leadership solutions

Our Leadership Solutions can be facilitated as keynotes, workshops and extended programs. They can be delivered standalone or seamlessly integrated into existing leadership initiatives.

The proven outcomes of our interventions include enhanced engagement, increased innovation, improved psychological safety and overall team productivity.

All our solutions are customized with clients to be immersive, scientifically-validated, and practical leadership journeys. These can contain diagnostic assessments, workshops, executive coaching, digital learning, and pre/post-program measurement and evaluation.


Leadership Inside-Out

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Insights on Leadership

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